Challenges First Time Self-Tanners Face

Self tanners can be quite the daunting approach to tanning. It’s quite a big step to the very simple method of sunbathing and indoor tanning. Normally, you’d just lather yourself with some sunscreen and lie down to let the work happen. Unfortunately, this method of tanning has become quite dangerous in recent years. In fact, consistent exposure to UV rays, be it from the sun or any indoor tanning contraption, has led to the rise of skin cancer. In fact, melanoma has because quite common that it brought skin cancer up to being the fourth most common cancer found worldwide.

Thus said, it’s not surprising that some individuals want to go to much healthier means of getting a tan. Self tanners do not make use of the sun or UV rays but the downside is how tricky they can be. As a beginner to this method of tanning, you may experience some mishaps here and there but don’t worry, here are some tips you can follow to make your first self tanning experience less of a nightmare:

– It’s always a great idea to get your exfoliating done. Exfoliation helps your skin get rid of unwanted impurities clinging to your body as well as dead skin cells. This is also an optimal step to getting a great self tan. Self tanners easily adhere to younger skin and last longer too.

– When applying your self tanner, make sure to dab it lightly on the skin and not rub it. Rubbing will leave marks and put on an uneven layer of tan to your skin. Slowly dab the color until you reach your desired tone. It’s always a good idea to start out light if you aren’t sure of how saturated you want your tan to be.

– If you do make mistakes, don’t panic. It’s normal to have some spots turning out darker than what you want. For this case, have some lemon juice ready and dip a piece of cotton or a cloth to it. Don’t soak it through, just enough for it to be damp. Dab on the affected area gently until you’ve lightened it up.

– Do not move around right after you apply your self tanner. You’re going to drip all over the place or you might even stain the furniture. Let your tan air dry for at least thirty minutes before getting dressed. It’s a good idea to let your tan set overnight.