Choosing Hair color to Match Your Tanned Skin

Choosing Hair color to match your Tanned Skin

Getting tanned can give you more confidence and appeal. By wearing the right color of clothing, you can enhance the effect of your tan. You can also achieve the same results by complementing your tanned skin with the right hair color. Here are some general ideas when choosing a color for your hair to match your tanned skin.

General Ideas for Tanned Skin

If your skin has warm undertones then tanning your skin close to bronze is a good start. Having a blonde hair is the perfect fit for such a tan. Keep in mind to just play around hair dyes that has warm tones or shades. If you have a cool skin complexion then you are likely to get cool pink undertones after you tan your skin. You can complement this by dyeing your hair with ashy shades. Make sure to stick with a range of cool hair tones. You can also go for red hair dyes, chestnut, bluish tones, and brown dyes, if you have natural tanned skin or cool undertones. When going for blonde hair, make sure to stick to ash or platinum blonde hair dye, especially if you have cool undertones in your tanned skin. If you have cool skin with matching light-colored eyes such as green or blue, then going for shades of brown hair dye with blonde highlights will work best for you. Stick to black and brown shades if you have brown or dark brown eyes with tanned skin. This will give you an exotic look. There are many hair colors that will look great on medium tanned skin. You can try experimenting with copper brown starting from the roots to the mid part of your hair while ending in a deep rich brown at the end.

Specific Hair Color Ideas for Tanned Skin

Light Hair Colors for Tanned Skin

color palette hairGo for light hair colors that will add a hint of warmth to your hair, skin, and eye color. For natural tanned skin, going for warm light brown hair dye is a great start. You can enhance it with some honey-colored highlights. If you have a lighter skin complexion with matching golden tanned skin, you can try red, faint blue, or purple hair dye, which will stand out when exposed to sunlight. Regardless if you have a dark tan or a light tan, by adding more brightness to your face, you can enhance the warm impression your hair gives. A red brown hair dye will do the trick. A copper brown hair blends well with a light skin tone or medium-toned to medium brown skin tone.

Best Shades of Red Hair Color for Tanned Skin

If you want to lessen the golden undertones on your face, then going for a reddish base in your hair is a good idea. This will help reduce the yellowish tone on your face. This will keep you from looking washed out, especially if you have natural skin complexion. You can also go for a medium golden red hair dye, which you usually see on celebrities. If you have golden to olive undertones then a dark or rich red is a great way to complement your skin tone. Furthermore, there is also copper and golden red hair as an option. Refrain from using cool tones such as crimson however. If you are a natural brunette with medium or tanned skin, then some copper highlights will do the trick.

By applying these ideas, you can get the most out of your tan.

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