Christmas Shopping Tips for Self Tanners

The holidays are fast approaching. It’s just some time ago that we celebrated the start of 2018 but here we are now, almost at the end of the year. Christmas is one of the holidays that individuals celebrate during December and the one that a lot look forward to. Shopping is one thing to consider since the holiday rush will cause people to abandon a lot of things just to catch up with the sales. One thing to worry about when it comes to shopping is what to buy.
If you know the receiver quite well, that’s not such a big problem. However, if you know this individual has had a lot of the things they enjoy, finding the right gift may be a problem. If they enjoy self tanning, there’s a lot of things you can give for them. Here are some gift ideas you can consider to giving your friend:
– Self tanner. Buy them another bottle or two of the self tanner they use. This will help them out in case they run out of self tanner in the middle of application. Another thing to consider is when the self tanner will spoil. You don’t want to give a nearly expired gift just because you bought it cheap. Also, you can still opt to wrap it too. While it lessens the chances of surprising your friend, that doesn’t mean a little bit of wrapping can’t go a long way.
– Self tanning mediums such as back applicator, tanning mitts or new airbrushes. Getting items to aid one in self tanning is a heaven-sent treat. At times, finding the right tanning mitt can be quite the hurdle. You can also aid your friend on their self tanning session if you give them a back applicator; this is very important if they apply their self tanner by themselves. Another airbrush can sort out an old airbrush since some self tanners can clog the nozzle after several uses. While you can clean an airbrush after each use, it can still degrade over time.
– Exfoliating kits or skin care products that self tanners can use. Exfoliating is a very important step to getting a good palette for self-tanning. It’s also a good way to remove an old self-tan so gifting your self tanning addict of a friend an exfoliating set would make them happy. Also, self-tanned skin needs to be well-taken care of. Thus, buying some retinol-free skin care products is another sure way to help bolster your friend’s self tan.