Clothing Styles that Will Enhance Your Tan

Admit it, tan is phenomenal. Tan is sexy and gorgeous. Tan is very much engaging. And tan is what you need to build your long lost confidence. Maybe you have achieved your tan but of course you want everything you wear will complement or even boost your complexion. It does not really end up in just achieving a dark complexion but you also have to know the things you wear that will accentuate your tan. From makeup to your outfit and accessories, it must blend or match with your tan to make it more noticeable and impressive.

Here are some simple guidelines to draw some extra attention on your bronze complexion by wearing appropriate outfits to give emphasis to your color.

  • The color

First and foremost, the most important thing to consider before you choose the design of your apparel and anything else is the color. The color must blend with your complexion before you think of the design. The best colors that will heighten the impact of your tanned skin are bright and light color such as pink, peach, yellow and other light shade colors. The primary gist is to match a dark color with light color to brighten the dark one.

  • The style

After choosing the color, it’s time to choose for the style. Just make sure your outfit is suitable for the occasion or place you are going to. To flaunt your perfect tan on ordinary days, you may wear summer outfits like short jeans to expose your flawlessly tanned legs and sleeveless or string strap shirts to show that all over your body is tanned evenly. If you are going on an event, you may wear off shoulder or plunging neckline blouses or any top that shows some skin. You can also opt to high slit gowns to show off your toned and tanned legs. Avoid wearing long sleeve apparels or outfits that covers your overall body, perhaps your tanned skin will be hidden.

  • The accessories

Summer jewelries such as gold bangles, hoops, pearly or seashell earrings are perfect option of summer jewelries to complement your tan. White accessories like pearl bracelets or diamond jewelries will definitely compliment to you tan because of its pale and shiny color. Choose also light color hair accessories if you are putting some accoutrements on your hair.

These tips may not exactly fit you but these are mere suggestions to help you make your tan more striking. |zte\-/i[_