Coffee Variants that Are Surprisingly Good for Tanning The Skin

The much beloved bronze color has been cooking up the skin care industry with a storm. Having a tan is one of the greatest approaches to indulging yourself. While you may want to avoid trips to the nearest tanning salon due to the high UV ray distribution from tanning beds, self tanners are quite an expensive choice of product as well.

Coffee skin scrubSelf tanners are actually a better alternative to copious hours of sunbathing and you can save a lot more on your trips to the tanning salon. Though not all self-tanners are budget friendly for various individuals and they might end up missing out on the beauty of having tanned skin.

But you might in for a treat; self tanners are not actually limited to those that are being marketed but you can actually make use of coffee as a form of self tanner. This may indeed sound surprising but coffee actually has a dark color when applied to the skin can aid in providing a darker tone.

Coffee has a lot of benefits from keeping you awake with caffeine to the bountiful amounts of antioxidants that aid your body’s defenses against illnesses. What’s not to like about this natural treat? With how abundant and budget-friendly coffee is, you save a lot of money using these beans compared to tanning sprays.

Here’s what you can do to be able to benefit with coffee as a tanning agent:

  • Have a specific set of coffee beans aside. With the aid of a food processor, grind the beans into a fine consistency. Once you’re satisfied with the amount of powdered coffee, mix into the lotion. Make sure to distribute the powder evenly so that it doesn’t clump. Apply to your skin directly. Alternatively, you can swap out the lotion with olive oil.
  • Fill a bath with warm water and ground coffee. Soak in the concoction; the longer you stay in the water, the darker the pigmentation would be on your skin.
  • Or if you’d avoid using any other item aside from coffee, rub grounded coffee to your face and body. It would be best to avoid your eyes, nose and ears as they are quite sensitive. Let the powder sit for 30 minutes before rinsing off.

This surely beats the idea that tanning is limited only to soaking under the sun or the tanning beds. You need not worry about the expensive value of self-tanners as you’ve got a natural and cheap tanner in your hands. )