Common Self Tanning Stains and How To Avoid Them

Applying sunless tanning products to achieve sun-kissed skin is a great way to boost self-confidence. But sunless tanning will definitely leave stains everywhere ‘ from your skin, clothing, beddings, carpets, or floor tiles. The following are tips on how to get rid of at least minimize these most common stains of sunless tanning.

  • Stains on Skin

The most common stain when applying the sunless tanning is on the skin. Having uneven or streaky skin after applying your favorite self-tanner product may make you look blotchy. Even your palms that you commonly use when applying may be stained when you don’t use any gloves or mittens. To avoid these, do the basics in applying sunless tanning. Exfoliate beforehand. Moisturize to make the absorption of the self-tanner product more effective. Avoid rain, don’t wash or go swimming after applying because these will create blotches or spots on your skin. Use dark and loose clothing after your tan application; tight clothes will certainly rub into your skin and have a great tendency of erasing the solution, leaving you spotty skin.

  • Stains on Clothes

When applying fake tans, there is no chance that you can get rid of stained clothes. Thus, it is suggested to use dark and less used clothes. Stains on dark clothes are less noticeable than on a light-colored dress.

After 2 to 3 hours of waiting for the self-tanner solution to absorbed in your skin, don’t forget to take a shower or a bath before you wear your favorite outfit to avoid staining. This will wash away the residue of the solution that wasn’t absorbed by the skin.

  • Stains on Bed Sheets

Many say that applying sunless tanning solution before bedtime is the best time to do so. It is because the body is warmer at night which allows the solution to be absorbed better in the skin. Another thing is you will move less when you are asleep so you will less bump your skin. But the disadvantage is that there’s a tendency that the bed sheet will get stained. So if you plan to do tanning at night, wear dark and loose pajamas to avoid direct contact of your legs with your beddings. Use also old bedsheets or get a second layer of old blanket or a towel on your bed sheet to protect it from getting stained. Before you jump into bed, make sure your skin is dry enough.