Contour Your Butt using Self Tanner

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Make up contouring is one of the latest craze to fake a toned body nowadays. You can fake the outlook of your body and make it look sexier without undergoing surgery. But did you know that there is a much better way than make up contouring? That is ‘tantouring’, a word that is made up from the two words: tan’ and contouring’. It is similar with makeup contouring with the only difference which is in make up contouring, you uses make up while in tantouring, you uses a self tanning product. And the edge of tantouring, compared to make up contouring, is that contouring using makeup fades in just a few hours as it can be easily wiped away, while contouring using a self tanning product can last up to one to two weeks. It also hides cellulites on some areas to make it look firmer and at the same time it accentuates or highlights the part of your body you want to emphasize.

Sexy woman buttocks on the beach backgroundTan contouring can be done on your face, arms, legs, bust, abs and butt. But this time, let’s focus on tantouring your butt. Butt is one of the greatest assets a sexy woman can have. Of course, every woman would want to look as sexy as Kim Kardashian. Here are tips on how to do tan contouring on your butt to make it look lifted and toned without doing so much work out.

  • Prepare yourself for tanning

To do it right, exfoliate first. Never ever forget exfoliating before tanning to get the best result of a flawless tan.

  • Apply your self tanner

After exfoliating, you are now ready to tan your entire body. Apply self tanner all over your body then let it dry.

  • Prepare all the needed stuff and start contouring

Get a darker shade of self tanner and all the needed accessories such as make up brush, spray, etc. By this time, you will need the help of somebody to contour your butt. You can hire a makeup artist that is expert in contouring to do it right. The gist in contouring is applying a darker shade of self tanner on the part that appears darker and leaving a lighter shade on areas that appear lighter to make a definition. Darker shade is mostly applied around the lower part of the bum to put an accent and making it look bigger. The legs are also included in tantouring to make the effect more natural. [4]]|| window[_