Do-It-Yourself Sunless Tanning at Home

As tanning becomes very phenomenal, many alternatives and do-it-yourself tanning processes have come out. Obtaining a summer glow color without sunbathing for several hours is now very manageable and as easy and quick as 123. You are then probably safe from the sun’s UV rays at the same time fulfilled with your most sought after skin glow. Read on the following tips on how to do tanning at home, from the pre-tanning process up to the applying the self-tanner product and finally, maintaining your tan to make it last longer.Before Tanning

  • Simple regimen before tanning

– To make sunless tanning more effective, do some exfoliation first especially on rough skins before applying self-tanner products. This will make the absorption of self-tanner products on the skin more resultant. You can use scrubs, loofah or some exfoliating products. Do the exfoliation hours before tanning.

– After exfoliating, you may consider applying a lotion on your knuckles, knees, toes, ankle and elbows because these parts of the body are the driest, thus it absorbs the self-tanner product the most. You would probably don’t want to have darker elbows and knees, so to make your tanning even on all your body parts, apply some lotion on these parts to block the over absorption of the sunless tanning products.

  • Application of self-tanner products

– After doing the beforehand routine, you are now ready to apply the specific self-tanner products you chose. In applying the sunless tanning product, say for example in the form of a cream or lotion, protect your palm or hands with plastic or surgical gloves because tanning solutions will definitely stain your hands.

– You should wear clothes that you care less like old clothes, loss shirts or shorts because it will rub off on your clothes.

– Read carefully and understand the instructions in the self-tanner products you are going to apply. Apply evenly on your body parts. You can ask help from others to apply on you back or parts of your body that you can’t reach. According to some experts who have done sunless tanning a lot of times, the longer you let the tanning solution stay in your skin, the darker it gets. So it is up to you how darker you want achieve.

  • Maintaining your tan

– To maintain your tan, keep yourself and your skin hydrated because letting your skin dry will make your skin flake or peel thus, your tan easily fades away. fdx3[_