Easy Ways to Fix Tan Lines

With this season’s temperature getting up a notch, it’s no surprise that a lot of individuals want to get the summer color going. Tanning is quite a common trend during summer and if you’re not sporting the bronze tone, it can feel a little out of place. While tanning is the rave for the season, there is one little hurdle that most tanning enthusiasts come upon are tan lines.

zen-865022_1280If you’re the type to go through the conventional tanning (sunbathing) or opting for the tanning bed, tan lines can be quite an eye sore. No one can tan nude, no matter where therefore these lines are a constant con to getting an overall tan.

Not to worry, there’s actually a number of ways to getting those lighter marks off. To best appreciate that overall brown color of your skin, here are some tips to fixing tan lines:

  • One very effective way to rid yourself of tan lines is using a sunless tanner or self tanners. These particular tanning agents are a topical application which is easily applied on your skin. Before application, it’s best to have exfoliated your skin to remove the excess layer of dirt and dead skin cells. You can use a brush to effectively apply the tan along the tan lines; you can even adjust the contrast to get the best shade to match your overall tan. Another method would be airbrushing the self tanner to your skin for a more contoured approach.
  • If sunless tanning is out of the picture and you’re more of a sunbathing person, it’s best to adjust your swimwear as often as possible. Slipping the bottoms slowly while removing the straps of your top can ease off the tan lines. While not the most comfortable approach, it is the best solution to avoiding the tan lines.
  • If you don’t want to slip the skimpy attire lower, you’ll have to pick a simple swimwear. If you’ve been planning to wear an intricate bathing suit, you’ll want to avoid that if tanning is on your list.

Tan lines can get in the way to enjoying the overall beauty of a tan. However that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy having a tan; these lines tend to be rebellious but with the steps provided, you’ll not worry about them. While having a good tan gives you the much needed boost, it’s also a good idea not to overdo on the sunbathing. Remember, don’t forget to apply some sunscreen!