Encouraging Tips for First Time Self Tanner Users

Tanning can be quite an appealing way to get your mojo. However, consistently exposing yourself to the sun’s rays can be harmful. That also counts for indoor tanning too. Sunbathing and indoor tanning have been known to be some of the most dangerous activities to be done. Why is that? Absorbing a lot of UV radiation, the sun or otherwise, has been one of the causes of skin cancer. True, we can’t really isolate all the cases, but the numerous records of skin cancer patients happen to be tanning addicts.

Due to this turnabout, tanning can appear to be a very dangerous pastime that individuals want to invest on. That’s not the case, as there is a method of tanning without having to rely on UV rays. Self tanners, or topical creams that help give you the summer glow, have been crafted as a means to lessen the chances of soaking up a lot of UV radiation.

Self tanners can be a little daunting, especially to beginners thus you’ll want to maximize some of these tips if you want to make the most out of them:

– Before tanning, you’ll want to exfoliate and wax ahead. If you don’t exfoliate, you’re going to end up with uneven skin tone. Waxing is equally important since too much body hair can make the self tanning process a nightmare. Self tanners can cling to hair easily, and in big clumps, you’ll end up with an uneven skin tone. It’s also a good idea to wax at least two days before you self tan. This gives your pores time to close up so the tanner won’t get in them.

– Choose a self tanner that works with your skin. Even if these tanners do not make use of the sun, try to find an ideal one that is catered to your skin type and can work with your lifestyle.

– Dab lightly. Try to start with a lighter color and build up the shade of brown you want to get. This lessens the chances of making certain parts of your body too dark or too light. If you’re tanning for the first time, have a friend to help you out.

– If you make mistakes, don’t panic. It’s normal to have a mishap here and there. Use some lemon juice and dab lightly on the area that turned out to be too dark. Make sure to avoid rubbing or you’ll ruin the tan in the process.