Eyeshadow Tips for Self Tanned Makeup Addicts

Tanning has become quite an appealing approach to getting a better look on yourself. The most common way to achieve one’s tan is through sunbathing, or at times indoor tanning. Unfortunately, these methods have been proven to cause a lot of harm in the long run. This is due to the consistent exposure of your body to the harmful UV rays. UV rays have caused skin cancer to rise as the fourth most common cancer found worldwide. If you’d like to get your summer glow without putting yourself in harm’s way, self tanning is the best way to go about this.

Self tanners are topical applications, much like creams or lotions, that help your skin get the bronze tone. Although dubbed as a fake tan since it doesn’t make use of UV rays, this method tanning is the healthiest in the market.

With that settled, one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to self tanning is match your makeup to your newly tanned skin. At times, if you have a wide selection of undertones due to your self tan, trying to get the perfect eyeshadow for your look can be tricky. It’s quite a big hurdle if you have a very varied tone from your original one. Thus, it’s always important to consider certain things when applying or even buying eyeshadow.

First, you’ll want to be familiar of your undertone. Undertone is very important to any makeup guru as it determines the selection of colors for your makeup. If you aren’t familiar of your new undertone, it’s always good to ask a friend. For warmer undertones, these individuals have undertones that lean to reddish, orangish or even some yellow hues. For those with cool undertones, these are dark browns as well as the chances of their veins showing up. By being familiar with your undertones, you can optimize the makeup that works well for your look.

Make sure to blend your eyeshadow well. For individuals who work with lighter eyeshadow for their looks, not blending their makeup properly would turn out too eye-catching. And that’s the unpleasant case of a look. Try to mix a bit of the darker palette to create a smoky effect, use an eyeshadow that is three shades darker to create a sultry look. If you use a lighter palette, make sure to apply it gradually until you achieve a particular saturation that doesn’t stand out too much on your tanned skin. 70|m\-|