Factors to Consider Before Self Tanning for Christmas

Normally, tanned skin is the highlight during summer. With the bright, sunny days and the promise of trips to tropical countries or to the beach, it’s quite a common sight. However, tanned skin is not out of season for winter. It can be eye-catching to still sport tanned skin during the wintry days but it’s still a good idea to have a tan if you want to. Normally, you’d get tanned skin through sunbathing. However, sunbathing during the snowy days is going to be ridiculous and weird. You don’t want to be bare with chilly winds buffeting around you, right?
While indoor tanning is a good option, it can be quite a stressful drive on frozen pavements and costly. Though, indoor tanning can be a good aid to soothe SAD or seasonal affective depression. Thus, we turn to self-tanning as another means of getting a tan.
Self-tanning can be quite challenging when it comes to wintry months. Your skin can be dry due to how cold it is thus it’s a good practice to moisturize it often. Make use of moisturizers that do not contain retinol, retinol can easily burn through self-tan. Having a moisturized skin is a great palette for self-tanning.
Another concern would be exfoliating. Normally, your skin sheds off its layer of dead skin cells. However, if you hit your late 20’s or early 30’s, your skin stops doing that. Exfoliating during winter can sound like a bad idea but it’s necessary. You must get rid of the layer of impurities to make a great base for your self tanned skin. This means setting aside a day to get your exfoliating done. Since this is the holiday season, it can be extremely difficult to set aside some time for yourself. The best way around this would be to plan out your schedule thus giving yourself some time to pamper your skin.
Have some spare, old clothes to wear. Staying warm is important but you don’t want to wear stifling thick clothes the moment you’re done self-tanning. Thus, try to tan on days where the temperature is not too frigid since you want to dry out your tanner before putting your wools on. Normally, you’d tan during the night to let your skin totally dry and dress lightly for bed. Don some loose but warm clothing if you want to keep the chills off your body or stay near a heater but avoid sweating.