Facts and Tips About Tanning Towelettes

There are a number a lot of tanning products being sold in the market these days and one of these products that have been gradually proving its effectiveness is what is referred to as a tanning towelette. So what are the things that you should know about tanning towelettes?

  • Best Application: The fact of the matter is that it is up to you on when you want to apply the towellete. The best way to handle this is to shower and clear everything on the skin before you apply the towelette. Refrain from using any oil or lotions or creams before you put on the tan towelette because it can potentially create a barrier that can hinder the tan towelette from doing its job. It is advisable to utilize the towelette before bedtime Applying it during the day would require 4-6 hours before you can apply anything on your skin.
  • Exfoliating: Contrary to popular belief, exfoliating is no longer a requirement if you will be using a tan towelette but if you want to get better results, exfoliating is highly recommended. This works best if the skin is rough or if it is prone to dark spots.
  • Moisturizers:Refrain from putting moisturizers on your skin if you plan to use a tan towelette or at least use a product that complements the function of the tan towellete. Make sure that the product will not interfere with the effects and to wait for 10 minutes before applying such a product. Tanned Face
  • Face: The good thing about tanning towelettes is that they can be used throughout the body just make sure that they do not touch your eyes or your mouth.
  • Hands: Make sure that you wash your hands after using tan towelettes though you have the option to put lotion on your hands if your hands are initially dry. By washing your hands on a periodical basis, it will help prevent stains. Having a lotion also helps in keeping your hand tan free since it will slow down the absorption process. Wearing latex gloves also help. Having a moist hand towel nearby is advisable so that you have a clean towel where you can rub your hands together after you are done applying the tan towelette.
  • Reuse: Tan towelettes will eventually run out of the formula incorporated in them as soon as you open them and start using them. It is up to the user if they wish to keep the towelette and in case they do, they can try getting in touch with the store to have the tan towelette be refilled with the formula for extended use.

It is exciting to see that there are a number of tanning options available for people who would like to get that desired tanned look.