Fun beach date ideas for Valentine’s Day!

February 14 is getting near. For most people; a regular dinner date in a fancy restaurant or a movie night. But why settle for something so regular every year? Shouldn’t it be an unforgettable date with your special someone?  We need to be more creative.

Do you happen to have access to the sea and wonder what to do this coming Valentine’s Day? Nature has many delightful aesthetic ways for an unforgettable date, and you will love every second of it.

This article shares ideas on how to spend your date at the beach in the most fun and romantic ways.

Spending Valentine’s Day at the beach

Gazing at the horizon with your special someone with the lovely ocean breeze touching your face while walking hand and hand, would be an intensely wonderful feeling. Now, we need to figure out what to add to turn that static moment into a date.

  • Take a hammock

We all know hammocks are not just for taking a nap. You can also use it just to relax at the beach. So, hang one and sit with your significant other while getting a tan, watching the scenery, and talking about whatever romantic topics you can think of. Bring a drink, some nachos, and other snacks that will stimulate the already calming feel.

Make sure to leave your phones and books. Remember, it is just the two of you and the beach.

  • Set up an enchanted evening

Who says you can’t go all creative while on the beach? Set up a romantic evening picnic for your date with a table for two if possible. If do not have a table a blanket will do.

Adorn the place with a Valentine’s Day theme; some flowers, serve your partner’s favorite food, chocolate-covered strawberries, and some wine! If you are good with the guitar, perhaps sing a song afterward to top it off and make it more memorable.  

Candles won’t work here. Use a warm light or a campfire.

  • Fun with games

We all love the feeling of being a kid and play without being worried too much. How often do you get a chance to have such fun with your significant other? Who does not love to go all crazy with games and stuff, and just enjoy the time without thinking about your bills and the world? Wouldn’t that be great, just for a brief moment in time?

Bring some Jell-O, some pretzels, some popcorn, lots of cotton candy, and some board games. Wet your toes and run along the shore, play volleyball or Frisbee, draw hearts on the sand, to make a crazy fun date.  

You do not have to follow the traditional Valentine’s Day practices. You can always make it tons of fun with some new ideas, just for a change of taste. Besides, what matters is that you have fun. So gear up and get ready to spend the most memorable and unique date of your life at the beach!

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