Funny Self Tanning Mishap As Told By Self-Tanner Addict

Getting a tan is quite the rave with the heat kicking up a notch. It’s no surprise that a lot of individuals have gradually spent much of their time basking under the sun or visiting their local tanning salons. Some others have stayed home to lather themselves with their self tanners. Amongst the three methods of tanning, self tanning is the healthiest approach. This is because you’re not exposing your skin to the sun’s UV rays which can possibly cause cancer in the long run.

While the most preferred method of tanning as per science, there are some mishaps that individuals still come across. Due to their more subdued nature in tanning, self tanners have a higher upkeep to stick through. Hopefully that won’t stop you from trying out some self tanning products to get your much needed tan.

sunbathing-1207930_1280To avoid getting the mishaps, it’s always best to equip yourself with information on why this happens.

– One of the biggest mistakes one can do is to put on your new self tanner on an old self tanner. One of the key procedures to self tanning is exfoliating your skin prior to any application.

– Using a very small amount of self tanner, a common newbie mistakes. By skipping on the amount, you’ll run on to more chances of streaking the tan on your skin. Streaking happens when there is an uneven patch of color on a certain part of your skin. Since you’re new, you’d hesitate on the application thus causing the uneven tone. Don’t hold back on using the right amount of self tanner for a specific area of your skin.

– Never forget to use your tanning mitts. No one wants to have orange hands for a certain time of the year. Also, to thoroughly lessen the chances of bronze colored fingers, don’t forget to wash your hands after each self tanning session.

– Don’t try to apply a concentrated amount of self tanner on certain areas such as your elbows or the back of your knees. These areas are big pain points since they crease but try to apply the right amount, using circular motions to evenly distribute the bronzer.

– To avoid any possible allergic reactions, you can make use of Thermalabs. Thermalabs uses organic ingredients in their self tanners thus preventing any possible chemical reactions. Additionally, it doesn’t hurt to make use of some anti-allergic medicine especially if you’re using a new self tanner.

With these tips in mind, you’re surely to avoid any mishaps on your self tanning experience. bc|whi