Getting a great tan from home

Golden Standard XL (A) Bonus Size 250ml 8.5oz 1

A dictionary definition of tanning; the action or activity of exposing one’s skin to the sun in order to achieve a brown or darkened color. By that definition, you will need UV rays from the sun.

History shows that a paler skin signifies higher social status; no hard labor under the sun. Early American and European women shield their bodies with lots of clothing. Around 1929 it changed; pale is out and sunburned skin was in. It was in the same year that the first tanning cream was introduced, The Glory of the Sun.

Beach tanning is fun but there are a lot of preparations involved. You have to plan where to go, pack up your beach tents, beach blankets, food, and gas. If you are far from the beach then you have to take an effort to be sure that your car is in good condition.

You might want to consider going to a tanning salon, but what about spending time home and get tanned. Have fan with your family and of course save money!

It’s great to have that perfect bronze skin just at home. Thermalabs Golden Standard Self Tanner can give you just that, without the sun and all year round. You don’t have to worry about wrinkles and even cancer.

The next thing that would come into your mind would be chemicals. You don’t want to harm your skin. Thermalabs Golden Standard Self Tanner is made from certified top of the line organic ingredients.

Thermalabs Golden Standard Self Tanner has 3 bottle sizes; 90ml 3oz, 140ml 4.7oz, and 250ml 8.5oz. From the current prices on their website, you will be able to save more if you buy the Golden Standard XL Bonus Size 250ml 8.5oz bottle.

Go on and try the well-renowned Thermalabs Golden Standard Self Tanner.

If you are not happy with the result, they have 100% money back guarantee. Thermalabs is that confident with their product’s quality.

The Ultimitt accessory to a great tan

After getting Themalabs’ Golden Standard Self Tanner, you will want to apply it evenly, smoothly, and without waste. You do not want that precious cream stick to your mitt. Thermalabs Ultimitt will be the mitt you want to use!

Other mitts absorb a lot of that lotion and break easily. Thermalabs Ultimitt is stitched so well that it will last. The super-soft velour fabric that they use absorbs less lotion. It has an isolating later on the inner side, so it does not spill.

To be efficient with your application, you will want to use the right-sized mitt. Thermalabs Ultimitt has a large mitt for the body, a facial mitt, and a finger mitt.

For frequent travelers, their mitts have a waterproof zip lock carry bag to ensure that they are always clean and dry. These mitts are machine washable. The carry bags can be easily washed and will last for years.

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