Getting A Tan Before Your Vacation

Getting a tan before vacationWould it not be great if rather than take the time trying to get a tanned appearance during vacation is that you are already flaunting it instead? While people tend to spend their summer vacation on beaches trying to get a bronze look, it would be more convenient to be spending vacation focusing on having fun than staying put in one spot trying to get tanned. So how can you best get bronzed before vacation starts?

  • Self Tanning Lotions: The good news is that you no longer need to go to the beach and lie under the sun for a very long time just so you can get bronzed. You can easily purchase self tanning products in stores and conveniently apply them to yourself.
  • Airbrush Tan: In addition to lotions, you also have the option to purchase airbrush tan that is customized to people’s skin tone to ensure that when you start using it, you get a natural bronzed look.
  • Self Tanning Foam: Another convenient way of getting yourself tanned without the need to go to the beach or any tanning salon is through the use of self tanning foam. Applying self tanning foam is far easier as compared to applying self tanning lotions since this is not as messy and has a lower chance of streaking taking place.
  • Self Tanning Cream: This product can also be purchased in stores and is a great alternative when you need to get tanned and do not have the luxury of time to visit a nearby tanning salon or purchase a customizable airbrush tan. A self tanning cream does a great job of giving you a tanned appearance and keeping your skin healthy because it has moisturizers in it.

These are some of the most effective alternatives that you can utilize if you want to get bronzed before vacation starts. However, always remember to do the following if you are planning to get bronzed:

  • Exfoliate yourself first before you apply these self tanning products.
  • Always read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to correctly use the product.
  • Find self tanning products that have moisturizers in them so as to keep your skin from getting dry and damaged.
  • Be very careful when applying self tanning products on your face, especially around the eye area because it can potentially be harmful.

By preemptively tanning yourself, you can focus more on having fun during vacation than lying on the sand while trying to get tanned through sunbathing. [6])}