Getting away from the city life; me and the beach

Getting to the beach is not just about the tan. Sometimes it is all about getting away from the horns of traffic, LED lights, and recycled air; away from city life. Pack your food, books, charge those power banks and make sure your car is in the best condition. Best to take a long drive and for a change of scenery.

Health benefits

Research showed that the sound of waves alters brain patterns, which lulls you to a deeply relaxed state; and rejuvenates body and mind. If you notice, there are many applications that play beach sounds only.

Do not fight the temptation of walking on the seashore. The hot and rough sand and salty water cleans your foot and removes dead skin cells. Walking on the seashore requires more effort than walking on the street. Strolling over sand creates foot holes prints. So you have to move your legs higher and exert more effort.

Alone, to be or not to be?

You always have a choice! You can either go with your family or be solo! It is great to have fun with your family. Sharing moment with them will be an awesome experience. But if you wish to be alone, it can also be a good way to find peace of mind. Having people around you may divert your attention. Being alone means that you do not need to watch over your kids or are obliged to talk with friends.

Best to have an aide; someone who will watch over your belongings when you doze off while reading that book. A person that you don’t have to entertain all day. So friends and family won’t qualify as an aide.

What foods to bring?

Of course, your favorite! But you have to lessen the fiber. You don’t want to run searching for bathrooms while at the beach or on your way back. Lots of water and a few sodas, inside a sufficiently iced cooler.

Protection yourself at the beach

UV rays from the sun; this is something that people at the beach want. But for get-away, we are there to relax and NOT to bask.

You will want to have a tent that will let the sea breeze pass through and protect you from the sun, while you are reading your favorite book. Thermalabs’ Saturn beach tent would be well suited for this get-away.

Thermalabs’ Saturn beach tent is made from strong and waterproof; resistant polyester roof, and water resistant polyethylene floor. The polyester roof us guaranteed to protect you from UPF 30. The frames are lightweight carbon fiber; not metal so it weighs less than an umbrella. With the frame’s material, you be sure it will last for years. The frames are color-coded so it is very to setup.  Beside color coding, it comes with easy to read manual. With stakes on the ground, you can be sure it will not be blown away by the beach wind. The set-up will only take away a minute from your beach day.

With a 5.8X5.8X5.0 feet dimension, this can accommodate six people. Since it is just you, your aide, and stuff, you will have the space to stretch those tired legs.

So have fun solo or not make sure you got the things you need for that great beach day!