Gift Ideas for Tanning Addicts

Gift Ideas for Tanning Addicts

Each one of us might have a tanning addict friend or two. And whether we like it or not, sometimes we feel obliged to give them gifts especially the holiday season is just around the corner. Here are some wonderful things to surprise them:

1. Holiday trip to Australia
This is great place where the sun shines best. It’s a great escapade during any time of the year. Sun tanning here is just a bonus. There are many scenic views to be excited about plus getting acquainted with kangaroos, koala bears and other cute animals will definitely be fun.

2. Tanning Mitt
Your friends who love tanning are usually not so high maintenance. In fact, self tanning is very practical so you won’t go wrong with tanning mitt. It can help them to easily and evenly apply their self tanners.

3. Spray Tan Machine
If you think this magic machine costs a fortune, think again. There are lots of spray tanning machine which are affordable and handy. Make sure to ask around and check online resources. If you feel this is way too much for you to buy, then you can opt giving her a voucher instead. It can offer her a great discount to buy her prefer model too.

4. Voucher or Discount Coupons
Who doesn’t love shopping? This season, a lot of tanning products will go on sale. If you are not sure what to choose for your friend, then let her do the job. Don’t forget to mention Thermalabs, the leading self-tanner brands!

5. Body Scrub
Tanning addicts like exfoliating their skin for a more beautiful tan. An organic body scrub will be much appreciated.

6. Exfoliating mitt
For the same reason as above, Thermalabs all-natural, organic exfoliating mitt set is one of the best gifts you can give to your friends. It includes 3 different types of exfoliating mitt that can be used for different purposes or to simply suit her preference.

7. Tanning Towelette
Girls who love to tan and travel would love something handy that will go well inside their traveling bag. Give her Glow2Go towelette or Thermalabs travel-size self tanner.

8. A Tanning Treat!
Do your friend a favor. Volunteer to help her in her next self tanning session. While she can definitely manage on her own, your helping hand will truly be appreciated.

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