Great Tricks to Remove Self Tanning Stains

At times, we can’t help getting through some mishaps when it comes to self tanning. It’s completely normal to get stains here and there. Be it a beginner or even a tenured user of a self tanner can forget that we might not have dried the tanning agent before donning on some clothes or touching things. It can be disheartening to stain your favorite clothing or even leave an orange handprint on your furniture.

To get this mishap sorted out, here are some tips you’ll need to follow in case you accidentally leave some self tanning stains around the place:

  • On clothing: When it comes to self tanning, it’s best if you wear dark hues especially those that are maroon to black as this lessens the chances of leaving clear stains on your clothes. If you happen to don some lighter clothing and see the stain before leaving the house, you may want to try to wash it out if it’s still fresh. You’ll want to remove the oily part since this causes the coloring to adhere to the fabric and makes it hard to remove the stain. An important note, you’ll want to make use of cold water especially running cold water. Avoid scrubbing as this will unfortunately spread the color instead of getting rid of it. If you have club soda, you can make use of it to remove the stain. If these are very light colored clothing, you can make use of hydrogen peroxide to remove the stain.


  • On furniture: If you accidentally touched the furniture in your haste with a still drying self tan, chances are you left some marks. It’s best you sort out your self tan mishap first and then fix the stain on your couch. One quick way to remove the stain is using a watered down version of bleach. Putting it on a spray bottle and wiping the concoction off the furniture should do the trick.


It’s best you avoid getting these kinds of mishaps by choosing to wear dark colored clothing after self tanning. One important tip is to let the tanner dry before going anywhere or doing anything, this lessens the chances of any mishaps. You may also want to apply just enough self tanner and not let it drip off your body, soggy tans tend to cause streaking which means an uneven tan in the end. You can also make use of a self tanning tent to avoid staining your floors. g1|si)|utst|v400|v750|veri|vi(rg