Halloween Tips to Preserve Your Self-Tanned Skin Even With Body Paint/Makeup

Portrait of a gothic woman with hands of vampire on her body on black background.Halloween

Halloween is Here! You want to dress up as a zombie or a vampire. However, that involves a lot of makeup covering your face! If done badly, it could result in tons of zits and pimples the day after, or worse – getting your tan ruined.

Self tanning is one of the most convenient ways to keep a tan during the holidays. When the sun isn’t out and beaches aren’t an option, self tanning is one of the best options to get perfect sun-kissed skin. Maintaining perfectly golden skin will be tough. Though, with the coming Halloween season, people will want to dress up and put on heavy makeup.

Covering your whole face with face makeup entails some risks: it can clog your pores, cause allergic reactions, color your face or react with your current tan. To preserve your tan during the Halloween season, here are some tips to keep your skin in pristine condition.

Avoid Halloween makeup. While there are cheap Halloween makeup that can be used for that Halloween costume, it may ruin your self tanning regimen. While these Halloween makeup products may be non allergenic, they have the tendency to clog up your pores. Instead, opt for more professional products. Sure, they may cost a little bit more, but they are designed to be easy on the skin.

Use professional barrier cream. Barrier creams are designed to block off and seal your skin and your tan so that any makeup put on top of it won’t affect your skin. Barrier creams are the perfect companion to self tanning enthusiasts as it helps preserve your skin when you want to dress up as your favorite Halloween character. For instance, by using creams, your skin won’t be dyed by any other color after you wash it off. Only your efforts of self tanning will be evident – as if nothing happened.

Cold cream. After a long Halloween, one of the hardest things to do is to clean up your makeup. A handy tip is to massage your face with cold cream. This helps you clear out the oil-based makeup you will likely be using during the Halloween season. Afterwards, follow up with your face wash and moisturizer. This will let you preserve your self tan as well as keep your skin from any clogged pores or color.

These tips will definitely help you preserve your tan for the coming Halloween. Remember to never sleep with makeup on to preserve your skin’s condition.

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