Halloween Uses of Self Tanners

Halloween is a great time to deck out a special look. While the norm may be to get your spooky costumes out, it’s also a great time to spice up how you look. Most costumes make you dish out the pale makeup but going for a tanned look isn’t a bad idea to change the pace of your Halloween. Another perk of getting a self-tan is you can keep your summer glow-up until Halloween. With the weather getting colder, sporting a tan through sunbathing can be difficult. Indoor tanning is also quite costly, so self-tanning is the best way to go for this concern.
If you’re curious about how you can make the most out of Halloween, here are some things to consider if you want to put on some self-tanners:

  • Self-tanners are a semi-permanent application. If you want to get an even skin tone without having to expend so much on makeup, self-tanning is a good approach. Putting on self-tanners can provide you an even tone. You don’t even need to reapply it every time. If you’re a big fan of contouring, you’re going to appreciate self-tanners even more. Contouring can be easily achieved using tanning lotion and applied to your entire body.
  •  You can hide your flaws without having to do the extra work. Since self-tanners can provide good coverage, you can easily hide the blemishes without adding any more into your tanning. This certainly saves up on the money that can be used to help spruce up your tanning.
  • Improve your get-up. Tanned skin can bring out a different appeal to your usual Halloween costume. Normally, pale skin wins during this festivity, but tanned skin can also provide an alluring vibe to mature costumes or those that show a certain amount of skin. This is also within good reason since you want to maximize the perk of having sun-kissed skin during Halloween. Having a different appeal to your ensemble can catch a lot of attention to your
  • Self tanned skin is an excellent makeup base. While you need to be careful with the makeup remover you use to get rid of the embellishments, you can do smooth and flawless makeup since you got a solid base to work with. It’s important to be particular with your skincare products used since any products that contain retinol can ruin a good self-tan.