Hello Self-Tanning, Goodbye Tanning Beds!

Hello Self-Tanning, Goobye Tanning Bed!

You read it right! You can stay tanned all-year long even without going to tanning salons. All you need is a trusted brand of self tanners and you’re good to go.

Organic self tanning lotion by ThermalabsOne of the most common skin problems due to continuous change of the weather is getting oily or dry skin depending on your current skin type. But the good thing is that you can always find suitable and reliable products that can resolve this issue. There are many ways to stay bronzed and flawless especially during the holiday season.

Follow the tips below to keep your skin glowing and beautiful after self tanning.

  1. Take a shower and exfoliate.

Exfoliating is best done during of after shower because the skin is softer and can be easily scrubbed. You can even take your time staying in the shower to have a relaxing bath.

  1. Shave 24 hours before your self tanning session.

Right after your shower, you can shave while the skin is soft. This is also a good practice to avoid hair ingrown.

  1. Start slow.

If this is your first time self tanning, take your time with your application. The key is constant and even application. Don’t rush the process. Wait until you see the result before attempting for a secondary application.

  1. Moisturize and protect your skin.

Take care of your tanned skin. We all know that weather and other environmental condition affect our skin so moisturizers could be your best friend. Tanned skin need more moisture as compared to normal skin. If you used organic self tanners like Thermalabs’, it would be great to also go for their organic spf lotion to stay hydrated and protected.

These are just a few tips and tricks to enjoy a long-lasting tan. Be careful in choosing products for your skin. Every tanned skin is special so you better go for safer options which have natural ingredients.

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  1. I love this tanning lotion combined with the Ultimitt applicator mitt. This is the best my tan has looked, I am very happy.