Holiday Tips for Self Tanner Addicts

Holiday Tips for Self Tanner Addicts

Have you ever wondered how people keep their skin sun-kissed the whole year round? This is because they use a classic fashion trick that works no matter what time of the year it is: the self-tanner. The self tanner is the best friend of anyone who wants to have a tan at any time of the year.

Basically, self tanners are something you can apply to your skin to emulate the feeling of tanning. Self tanners can be applied at any time of the day at your convenience. Even better is that self tanners provide you convenience: no need to go out to the beach to get tanned. This is specially handy during the holidays and non-summer seasons, when the beaches aren’t as viable.

Here are some tips to get than tanned skin all year round:

Exfoliate. A crucial step for self-tanning is to exfoliate your skin. People using self tanners should always keep their skin well-exfoliated before giving self tanning a go.

Avoid shaving. Do not shave before or after applying self tanners.Smiling girl in santa clause costume

Towels and ointments. After exfoliation, dry up using a towel, then apply some ointment on your nails to protect them.

Know your medium. Self tanners come in different shape and sizes. Self tanners can be gels, lotions, sprays, or foams. Make sure to apply the self tanner in the proper way.

Apply. High quality tanners will last for a long time. So make sure to get one that can last for a long while. Also make sure to get a self tanner than matches your skin tone.

Preventive measures. Make sure to have some precaution when tanning. During the holidays when tanning on the beach is not an alternative, self tanners are extremely useful. However, it may damage your facial hair or skin. Make sure your self tanner does not touch your facial hair to avoid greying.

Palms. Never ever let your self tanners on your palms. This is one of the most overlooked aspects of self tanning. No one will like his palms tanned over the holidays. You can scrub your palms with a a brush and soap. Using gloves may also help during the self tanning process.

Wait. Self tanning is an art. You need patience and wait when you apply self tanners. Tanning can be done in the evening before you sleep so it’s not much of an inconvenience.

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