Home tanners, you don’t need Mr.Fantasic

Well, we ain’t Mr. Fantasic. Perhaps when we’re children we can bite our toes or elbows. As an adult, our movement is limited; ligaments are getting stiffer.
Most of us work 8 hours per day working in front of a computer, and may need to do that “reach both hands from the back exercise.” Try it, and you will find it hard.

I am so sure that you experienced an itch on your back, and you had to ask someone to scratch it for you. If no one is there, you would rub your back at the corner of a wall. But if you are a genius, you would grab a stick to scratch your back.
Our opposable thumb allows us to create ingenious devices to cover the limitations of our body. To be specific, our arms cannot reach our backs and we have to use a stick or ask someone for help.
This is a common problem for home tanners; applying an even amount of tanning lotion on the back. If you have someone to help you, fine and dandy. But what if you are alone? Simple, just use a stick.
Okay, use a stick. So, I will just put a tanning lotion at the end of the stick? Of course not, I need to put something at the tip to spread the tanning cream. A cloth will do, but that is not a good idea.

Let us dig deeper first on what stick to use. It has to be the right length; you don’t need a meter-long stick to do the job. It has to be the right material; should not rust, does not bend, does not absorb liquid or creams. It has to be the right design; your hand should be able to grab the stick with full control. It has to be the right weight; one hand will be used to maneuver the stick on your back, so it has to be light.
Thermalabs created a back applicator with the right length, about three-fourths the arm length of an average person. It is not too long, and will not worry too that you might be hitting the ceiling lamp when applying the tanning lotion.
We cannot use wood as it can absorb the lotion. We cannot use steel as it rusts when in contact with liquid. Plastic, perfect choice; water-resistant and does not absorb the tanning lotion. It is sturdy not to bend when you scrub.
Around three-fourths arms length is fine. But Theremalabs made it foldable, thus making it travel friendly; can fit into a small bag. It has a wide handle so that your hands can get a good grip for full control.

When you buy the back applicator at this link; http://thermalabs.com/shop/thermalabs-back-applicator-deluxe/ it comes with 10 replacement sponges.
Worry no more about had to reach places of your body. No need for a partner to put on the tanning lotion. Theremalabs’ back applicator will make you have an even distribution of the tanning lotion on your back.