How Can Spray Tanning Boost Your Confidence

Before tanning became a normal practice, it was well associated with celebrities, models and social elites. You see them on tv ads, fashion magazines and even on movies. Well, they have the money and time to go to exotic vacation spots and sunbathe all they want. But as time goes by, the practice of having a tan became common. Even middle class people can afford visiting tanning salons and lie on tanning beds even during winter season to get a tan. However, studies shows that having a tan through sunbathing or tanning beds are dangerous to your health specially when over exposed. This is because of harmful UV rays that could destroy your skin and cause skin cancer.

Spray tanning and Self-tanners

Portrait of the beautiful young woman with long brown hair posing at studio over dark background

In this new age, technology has become so advance that having a tan can be done right at the privacy of your home, anytime and any day you want. So what’s the difference between self-tanners and spray tanning? Well, basically they are the same in a sense that what you are getting is a fake tan . What?! A fake tan you say? Don’t worry, the term fake tan only refers to having a tan using self-tanning products that contains DHA or Dihydroxyacetone that interacts with the upper layer of your skin to produce a tan. Since it affects only the upper layer, fake tans only last about a week at most compared to a normal tan from exposure to UV rays. The only difference between the two is the application process. Self-tanners are applied using your hand while wearing gloves to protect from stains while spray tanning uses a spray tanning machine.

Boosting your confidence, the spray tanning way

Many prefer spray tanning nowadays not only because it is easier to apply and it creates an even, naturally-looking tan. Compared to regular sunbathing, a spray tan can hide skin blemishes and imperfections. With the help from a professional tanning technician, facial and body features can be highlighted and improved using a technique called contouring with just a few spray. Skin tone can also be improved using a variety of tanning solution colors available in the market.

Remember, you don’t to be stressed because you look ugly with all of that skin imperfections. With the help of a spray tanning machine, you can achieve a perfect and even tan that everyone envies. So spray away and have that celebrity look that you deserve. = new Date( new Date()[_