How Can Spray Tanning Lower The Risk of Skin Cancer

Cancer has spread its tendrils of fears worldwide. It’s very alarming for one to have cancer. In fact, one of the most fatal cancers is skin cancer, specifically melanoma. This is a very aggressive skin cancer that has made skin cancer one of the top four cancers across the globe. One of the causes for the rise of skin cancer is sunbathing and indoor tanning. If you’re a tanning addict and you use these two methods to get your share of the summer glow, it’s wise to reconsider these methods. Skin cancer has a higher chance of occurring when you’re consistently exposed to UV rays, be it from the sun or through a tanning machine. If your initial fear was only for sunburn and uneven tone, absorbing too much UV rays can lead to much harmful ends.


If you’d still like to get your bronze tone without putting yourself in danger, you can make use of self tanners. Self tanners make use of chemicals to provide your skin with the bronze hue. Since these tanners do not make use of the sun’s rays or UV rays in any way, it is a much healthier approach to tanning. One method of self tanning is spray tanning. Spray tanning makes use of an airbrush to apply the self tanner to your skin.

While you can opt for the conventional method of self tanning which is dabbing the self tanner to your skin using a tanning mitt, spray tanning makes the self tanning session more efficient. With the aid of a nozzle, you can easily put self tanner on a large area of skin. Since the airbrush controls the flow of your self tanner, you can’t do any streaks or put too much self tanner on one area. If you do make mistakes, it can be easily removed by a bit of lemon juice.

Another reason why spray tanners are a good method to applying self tanners is the ability to contour your tan. By minimizing the flow of the nozzle, you can target areas that you want to emphasize. Much like how a bronzer works, a self tanner can easily give you a nice lift to certain areas while also hiding your flaws. Since your self tanner is going to stay for a while, you can skip on doing your contouring before heading out. This saves a lot of time to prep for your activities and with minimal effort too. sm(al|ar|b3|it|t5)|