How Convenient Spray Tan Tents Are

Spray tanning can be quite the complex task and messy if you’re not too careful. While it is the healthiest option to getting your tan, a lot of tanning individuals still stick to the usual which would be through tanning salons and sunbathing. It might be due to how complex applying one’s tan can be or the messy post-tanning chores that one has to deal with, spray tan still has to win a lot of hearts.

If you’ve been an avid self tanner or just starting out on this method, the mess from using a self tanner can be quite the task to clean. There’s one way to sort that out without having to sacrifice your tanning experience; the spray tan tents are here for your aid.

If you’ve been working in a wide area while applying your tan, spray tan or sometimes tanning lotions can get everywhere especially on furniture. No one wants to ruin their furniture, at times we can’t simply wipe the stain off. One down side in working in an open space, getting a tan through the means of spray tanning can take quite some time since most of the tan is blown around the area.

Spray tan tents make your tanning sessions much cleaner and more efficient. Much like how tents are, using a spray tan tent minimizes the chances of residue around you. Since you’re in an enclosed space, much of the tan has nowhere else to go thus adhere easily to your skin. Despite that, this doesn’t mean you’re already solved the chances of streaking or certain parts of your body being a lighter tone. You still need the aid of a friend or a back applicator to put an even tone to your back.

If you’re hoping to do a spray tan session at a friend’s house, having a spray tan tent makes it easier for you and your peers to enjoy a tanning session. Just simply prop the tent up and you have a specific space where you can tan yourself minus the worry of getting stains on your furniture.

There are chances that residue of the self tanners stick to the fabric of the spray tan tent or some of the tanning lotion dripped on the base; normally, if these were on furniture or even a carpet, it would take days to lighten them and even more, just to remove them. With spray tan tents, a simple wet cloth rubbed along the surface is enough to make the tent ready for the next tanning session. k)|tcl