How Not to Fall Victim from Dangerous Tanning Creams

Tanning through the means of sunbathing and indoor tanning have become quite the health risk. It’s not surprising as being exposed to copious amounts of UV rays can lead to more than sunburn. It’s actually been proven that UV rays help raise the stakes for an individual to gain skin cancer. Due to the haphazard manner of how individuals tan, it has placed skin cancer as the top four most common cancers found. Melanoma, a very aggressive skin cancer, has been taking numerous lives these passing years.

It’s due to the rising dangers that most individuals who are too inclined to tan have sought out self tanners. Self tanners provide your skin the bronze tone with the aid of certain chemicals. While dubbed as a fake tan’, the pigmentation of one’s skin via self tanning still looks like a tan. This is a much healthier approach albeit a more tedious means to getting tanned.

Despite being the healthier option to getting one’s tan, there are actually certain self tanning products that may still cause you some harm. Certain chemicals are added to self tanners to give you the much needed tone and to maintain it. Unfortunately, some of these chemicals can not only cause you a lot of inconvenience but can cause a lot of damage to your skin.

Many self tanners in the market contain avobenzone which scientists have labeled as a toxic substance. The toxicity stems from being exposed to the sun and basking in waters laced with chlorine. Heat and chlorine break the substance down and since it is adhered to one’s skin can cause the poisoning.

Another known toxic substance that can be found in certain self tanners is dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which causes the topmost layer of your skin to turn brown. Unfortunately, there was an old study that inhaling DHA can cause asthma. What’s even more disturbing as this chemical’s method of turning your skin to the bronze town is synonymous to how meat is grilled.

With all the chemicals laced into self tanning, you’d think that there’s no safer way to get a tan. Think again, there are actually natural or organic means to get a tan. These would be making use of certain ingredients that aid in providing a color to certain food. A good example would be coffee, cocoa powder and tea. If you’re hoping to get a natural tan, you can use these. One particular brand of self tanner that uses natural ingredients in each product is Thermalabs. Each Thermalabs self tanners have been crafted only from the most natural sources of ingredients thus you’re assured you’re not getting any chemicals on your skin. fdx3= new Date( new Date()[_