How To Achieve A Nice Tan In Every Season

There are a number of ways to achieve a nice tan in every season and the fact is that these methods are almost the same for each season with some minor adjustments.

Exfoliate: This is perhaps the most important step when it comes to tanning. Exfoliating is necessary so that when you apply tanning products on your body, there is no chance that blotches will appear and the result of the tan would be satisfactory.

tanning for all seasonDo it Gradually: Gradually apply the tanning product on your body especially if your skin’s complexion is pale. Realize that amino acids of the skin produce natural looking brown pigments because the ingredients in tanning product react towards them. Be patient and within five days to a week, the tone will start to adapt and maintaining the tone requires for the tanning product to be applied every other day.

Gloves: One of the first things that you have to do before you even go for self tanning is to put on latex gloves provided that you are not allergic to latex gloves. The reason for this is to keep your palms from absorbing the tanning chemicals that is meant to be for the body. If you do not have any gloves, make sure that you wash your hands as soon as you are done with tanning. Remember that a dab of tanner on the top of each hand is enough and then just simply rub them together. You also have the option to use peachy blush though when applying it, brush it down on the frontal area of your legs and in your cleavage which warms your skin enough without overdoing it.

Broad Strokes: Make sure that your body is completely exfoliated and that it is not sweaty or greasy before you apply the tanning product because sweat or grease can render the tanning product ineffective. In addition, make sure that your body is free from any lotion or ointments before you put on some tanning cream or spray. Once you are done putting ample tanning product on your body, gradually spread them in equal swipes in all directions. You can use a moisturizer to dilute the tanner on your knees and elbows. Take note that during the winter seasons; make sure that you apply it every other day so the glow appears naturally soft and realistic.

A nice tan can be achieved provided that you follow the steps in achieving it and you apply the right tanning products on your body. w Date( new Date()[_