How to Avoid Dry Skin after Self Tanning

Self tanning is a much beloved approach to tanning. This is due to the absence of the sun or UV rays. It’s been said that consistent exposure to the sun’s rays can heighten the chances of getting skin cancer. In recent years, skin cancer has risen to the top spots of the most commonly found cancers across the world. It’s also due to melanoma, a very aggressive form of skin cancer, which has caused a number of fatalities in the community. Self tanners have gained traction as a better method to getting one’s tan.

While self tanners are dubbed as a fake tan and do not give you the common skin ailments such as sunburn or accelerated aging due to UV rays, certain self tanners can incite dry skin. These can be due to the self tanner you used, the specific climate outside when you applied your self tanner and etc. There’s a lot of things that can cause this but having a self tan can make you extra cautious of what you can do to solve dry skin.

Firstly, choose a self tanner that works with your skin. By choosing a self tanner that can complement with your skin, you can make sure that there are no chemicals that can irritate your skin. This is very important to those with sensitive skin since they can’t put just about anything on their skin.

For post-self tanning session, you may want to use moisturizers and creams. These items aid in locking moisture to your skin after putting on the tan. However, make sure to check each moisturizers or creams you’re going to buy. Most hydrating skin care products contain retinol which is a chemical you don’t want to put on self tanned skin. Retinol can easily burn the tan off of your skin thus making your tanning session end up badly. You can also make use of organic means to hydrate your skin such as aloe vera. With aloe vera, you can apply it liberally to your skin with no adverse side effects.

Drinking enough water is also very important to your skin. By taking in enough water, your body can function well which also extends to your skin. Drinking at least eight glass a day, or more during warmer days, can keep your skin supple and glowing. Thus, never skip on drinking water when you have the chance to get your body in tip-top condition.