How to Avoid Itchiness After Self Tanning

With the dangers of tanning becoming more known, it’s not surprising that a lot of individuals have turned to self-tanners as a means to get their tan. Normally you’d rely on sunbathing and indoor tanning as a means to tan but these methods have spelled quite a lot of harm. Self-tanning is no easy walk in the park. Since you apply self-tanners to your skin, it can be tricky to get the right amount on the first go.

While self-tanning has less harm than the usual methods of tanning, you may still experience some itchiness after self-tanning. This is common with sunbathing and indoor tanning since your skin is undergoing a change to push out the layer of dead skin cells. However, for self tanned skin, itchy skin can do a lot of damage.

If you would like to avoid scratching at your self tanned skin, it’s best to be particular with the self-tanner you bought. Individuals with sensitive skin have fewer options. Allergic reactions can happen which can lead to itchy skin after tanning. It’s best to skin test a self-tanner before getting it or checking the ingredients to lessen the chances of aggravating your allergies.

If you tend to shave your body, make sure to give some time before you apply some self-tanner. This is also true of waxing. Your skin is still sensitive after shaving and waxing thus it can be itchy. This itchiness is a side effect of your skin being irritated with the process of hair removal. Putting self-tanner immediately after waxing or shaving will not abate the itchiness; at times can even make it worse. Thus, let your skin rest after your hair removal before putting on some self-tanner.

Dry skin is a common reason why your skin is itchy. Your skin can still dry out even when it is self tanned. If you aren’t rigorous on keeping your skin moisturized or don’t drink as much water each day, having dry skin may not be a rare sight. Dry skin can not only be itchy but also ruin a good tan.

It’s always a good idea to use some creams or moisturizes but make sure to avoid those that have retinol in them. Retinol can easily erase one’s tan so try to avoid those products. Keep hydrated by drinking at least eight glasses of water a day.