How To Avoid Over Makeup Application After Self Tanning

Putting on makeup is one of the best ways to look better yourself. It’s not surprising as makeup has become the most appreciated way to accentuate one’s beauty. Recently, makeup has been a companion to tanned skin. Normally, you don’t want to mix one with the other as putting makeup on tanned skin can be tricky if you’re inexperienced. Unfortunately, tanning through sunbathing and indoor tanning has caused quite a stir.

It’s been known that using sunbathing and indoor tanning to get your summer glow has caused a significant rise of skin cancer to be present among tanning individuals. Due to this harmful fact, a lot of tanning addicts have turned to self-tanning to get their tanning fix. However, self-tanning is more meticulous than the two previous methods. Self-tanning, dubbed as a fake tan due to the absence of UV rays to change the color of your skin, is a topically applied tan. This can get in the way of other topical applications on your skin.

One concern would be makeup. If you’re not well-versed with tanned skin, trying to apply your usual makeup can be difficult. There can certain times you overdo makeup because you’re not used to having tanned skin. There are certain ways to avoid overdoing your makeover.

  • Firstly, you’ll want to avoid getting products that have retinol. Be it for skincare or those with makeup. Products that have this chemical can easily burn through your self-tan so best avoid these items if you don’t want to ruin your tan.
  • Try to identify your undertone. Being able to determine your undertone can help you do your makeup. Despite putting on a self-tan, your undertone does not change drastically. Try to select makeup that helps complement your undertone.
  • Self-tanning provides a good coverage already so you don’t need to put on foundation. Concealer is good but it’s not as important back when you didn’t get your tan yet. Another thing to consider, if you got your tan through spray tanning then you can contour your tan. Contouring one’s tan can help lessen the time you need to contour your looks. This also means you can avoid using a bronzer to contour your features. Highlights are still good to go but they are minimal since you’ve already done your share of contouring using a self-tanner.