How to Avoid Self Tan Issues During Christmas Parties

Happy friends Celebrating Christmas or New Year with glass of champagne and toasting.

How to Avoid Self Tan Issues During Christmas Parties

Most of the time, wardrobe malfunction happens in your most unexpected situation. The same thing can happen to your newly self-tanned skin. What happened if someone accidentally spilled vodka on your skin? What if you sweat a lot and it leaves you stains on neckline and armpit?
Here are Thermalabs’ ultimate tips to preserve your gorgeous tan during this season.
1. Avoid clothes that are too tight.
We understand that apart from your bronze skin, you would love to flaunt your sexy figure. But if you just used self tanner last night, it would be a safer option to go for loose dresses.

2. Choose the color of your gown wisely.
Go for darker shades than your current tan. Light clothing has a tendency of getting stained if you have just tanned.

3. Pick non-metallic accessories.
Your skin may be more sensitive after getting a tan and too much friction on metallic accessories may irritate your skin.

4. Bring an umbrella with you.
We know it’s a party and you don’t want to bring anything except your best self and your evening purse. But bringing an umbrella won’t hurt if you are anticipating rain. You can just leave it in your car or pick the smallest one that will fit in your handbag.

5. Be careful while having dinner.
Observe proper table etiquette. It’s better to be courteous than being rowdy because being prim and proper lessen the chances of accidents such as spilling wine over your dress.

6. Skip that kiss on the cheek.
You can just wave your hand to greet friends rather than hugging or kissing. It is not always your fault if some of your tan residue sticks on their skin so it’s better to stay away from them than be blamed.

7. Bring extra clothing.
If it’s not too much of a bother, bringing extra clothes can save you from trouble during emergencies.

8. Pack some tissues or bring a handkerchief with you.
You should have something handy to wipe off immediate mess.

9. Never underestimate the power of instant self tanner.
Just like makeup, there would be times that you would need touch ups. Instant self tanner can cover exposed skin or areas which have lightened due to rubbing or wiping.

10. Moisturize.
Make sure your skin is not dry before going to a party. A flaky tan is not beautiful at all. Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize. Drink plenty of water too. You can also bring a small bottle of moisturizer with you so you can keep your skin damp if needed.