How to Avoid Self Tanning Stains

, Summer is right around the corner and with it brings the season for tanning. Tanning is a common trend for the warm days since everyone wants to make the most out of the sun. You’ll probably see a rise of individuals basking much of the sun’s rays during these months. While that can be appealing, it is also very dangerous. Through the years, it has been proven that consistent exposure to the sun’s rays can cause a significant rise of getting skin cancer. Melanoma, a very aggressive form of skin cancer, has been found in various individuals. Due to how potent melanoma is, it has caused numerous fatalities and brought skin cancer as the fourth most common cancer to be found worldwide.

Despite that thought, many individuals still want their share of the summer glow. If you want to get your bronze tone, there is self tanning for that result. Self tanners are skin products that make use of chemicals to provide your skin with the summer glow without putting it under the harmful rays of the sun or UV rays in general. Despite the promise of a healthier method of tanning, self tanning is still a complicated art to tanning. One of the comment mishaps to self tanning is the stains you’ll end up with.

To be able to avoid getting self tanning stains, you can follow these steps:

– Try to dab the self tanner to your skin as oppose to putting on a lot in one go. This lessens the chances of streaking and dripping. You can easily control the saturation of your tan with this manner of application. If you want to lessen the chances of getting an uneven tone while also controlling the amount of self tanner you are using, spray tanning is also a good method. This uses airbrush and an air compressor to provide your skin with the self tanner.

– Use loose, dark clothing after a self tanning session. You can also opt for old clothes to avoid staining your favorite couture. Chances are self tanners do not dry quickly thus you want to put on loose clothing to make sure it dries easily. Try to move around at least an hour after you put on your tan to avoid dripping.

– Do not go to bed right after tanning. Even if you can tan overnight, make sure to set some time to dry off before heading to bed. Chances are you might end up waking to soiled sheets if you’re too complacent about letting your self tanned skin stick to your bed sheets too soon.