How To Avoid Skin Allergies when Self Tanning

Allergies is one thing to be worried about. It’s our body’s reaction and defense when a foreign pathogen or substance has entered our system. However, experience an allergic attack is not something to write home about. In worst cases, allergies can lead to an anaphylactic shock which can be quite fatal if not investigated as soon as possible. Now, why should someone be worried when it comes to self tanning and allergies.

Much like creams and lotions, self tanners are applied to one’s skin. If you have sensitive skin, chances are you are very tangible to a lot of things. Going through an allergic attack can be soothed by drinking anti-histamine but it doesn’t lessen the discomfort of getting one. If you want to avoid getting allergies when using self tanners, here are some tips you may want to consider:

  • Test out your self tanner beforehand. Check for an ideal self-tanner that you can use through reviews and the internet. Check the ingredients printed on the label and identify which ones can cause an allergic reaction. If there samples provided, you can apply a small amount of your skin. This is called a skin test and it is an ideal start for those who want to buy skin care products but have sensitive skin.
  • Avoid self-tanning during hot or humid days. Hot days or areas can trigger an allergic reaction to your body. Not only do you have more chances of sweating, having blotchy or rashes to work with your self tanning is an uncomfortable experience. Try to set aside a room that has a good airflow or equipped with an air-conditioning unit. Try to make sure the area you are self tanning in is cool but not overly cold. If the room is too cold, you’ll cool the tanner too fast which can lead to streaking or an uneven tone.
  • Do not use old self tanner. We know it can be a waste to just throw a half-empty bottle of self tanner that you’ve stored some months ago, but it may cause an allergic reaction if you didn’t store the self tanner appropriately. Using old self tanner may be a good idea but if you mix it with some new self tanner, this can cause a chemical reaction which can trigger an allergic response. For good measure, try to use up a self tanner as soon as you can and avoid mixing an old batch with a new one.