How to Avoid Stains from Self Tanners

Woman's Hands Applying LotionTanning used to be a phenomenal thing. But now, you don’t have to wait for summer to achieve a summer glow skin. There are numerous self tanning products in the cosmetic world and the good thing is that they are widely available in different forms. Gone are the days when you looked streaky or orange every time you put tanning products on your skin. But these tips can help you, especially if you are a first time user of self tanning products. Following these tips will surely slough streaks away.

  • Exfoliate First

The first and foremost thing to do before putting self tanning products to your skin is to exfoliate. This is the best and most important preparation for your skin to avoid uneven skin tone when you apply the self tanner. Exfoliation removes the old and dead skin cells off your skin. When a self tanning product is applied to these dead skin cells it may create a darker spot than other parts of the skin. Or it could create a lighter part because when you scrub your body after tanning, it may go away with the dead skin when it is removed. Thus, you will have uneven or streaky skin.

  • Prepare All The Things You Need Before You Apply

Applying self tanning products is kind of messy because it could leave stains on your path. Prepare rags or papers and lay it down on the floor where you are going to apply, to avoid stains on carpet or tiles. Better stick to one place to avoid scattered stains. Use disposable or thin plastic gloves to avoid orange-stained palms. Wear old or less favorite clothes before applying self tanning products because stains are likely stick to your clothes while waiting for it to dry.

  • Start Applying with Minimal Amount

If you have no experience yet in putting sunless tanning products on your skin, don’t rush and put immediately a large amount. If it is your initial application, it is better if you go for a light shade first and gradually increase into medium shade until you achieve your desired glow. It is also recommended to try gradual tanning first especially if you are new to sunless tanning. To achieve even application, start with small amount, then apply it in circular motion. Take extra care in applying on elbows, knees, toes, and ankles because these parts of the body absorb tanner quickly. Apply small amount to see if it blends with most parts of your body then add if it looks too light.