How to Contour your Face with Thermalabs Self Tanner

Contouring is one of the best ways to make yourself look better. It’s all the rave in the make up industry, knowing how you use your bronzer and highlighter does a lot on changing your look. Recently, many individuals have begun to use tanning as a means to contour their bodies. It’s actually gaining a good traction, especially with the star studded Kim Kardashian using this technique to improve her look.

If you’re not sold on that, self tanners are a much healthier alternative to sunbathing and indoor tanning. If you’re looking to keep your bronze tone without having to put your health on the line, self tanners is your ideal choice. Plus, you can’t hide the imperfections easily with sunbathing or indoor tanning.

One big downside of using bronzers and highlighters is how easily they can be removed. One swipe of a make-up remover and the magic is gone. However, since tanning has been used as a means to tan the body, why not make use of it as a contouring agent for the face?

For this case, using a self tanner as a contouring aid can be a difficult choice as your face is more sensitive than the overall skin of your body; thus it can be a dilemma to find the right self tanner to use. This is where the Thermalabs self tanner comes in. Thermalabs concocts each of their self tanner from organic ingredients thus it’s not only safe on your face but ideal for sensitive skin as well. Since the Thermalabs self tanner is organic in origin, you’re also pampering your skin with the nutrients found from the ingredients.

Thermalabs self tanners come in various forms. If you’re hoping to make use of your make up brushes for contouring, you can easily purchase one of the Thermalabs self tanners. Unlike a bronzer, you may want to slowly dab the color to your face with the make up brush. You don’t want to overdo on the saturation as you can’t easily spread it out like a bronzer does. You can build the color but spreading it via a make up sponge and feathering it outwards.

Another method of using the Thermalabs self tanner for contouring is through spray tanning. Thermalabs has its own spray tanning kit which is an ideal choice for contouring. Using various nozzles, you can easily shape your contour without having to overdo the shade of tan. As always, slowly build the color of your tan until you’re satisfied. ts(70|m\-|