How To Effectively Use A Self-Tanning Towelette

Tanning towelettes are moist towelettes that are foil-sealed in a package to ensure that the tanning solution content of the towelettes is fresh. They basically come in two sizes; there are small ones for tanning touch ups and large towelettes when it comes to full body tanning. Though a lot of people are unfamiliar with this tanning alternative, self tanning towelettes are as effective as other self tanning counterparts. If this is your first time using or choosing a self tanning towelette, keep the following tips in mind for optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

Body Part in Focus

Before you start purchasing towelettes you have to first decide which parts of your body you want to tanned. Do you only want specific body parts to get bronzed such as your arms and legs? And is this because they have somehow lost the tanned appearance from last week’s tanning session? If so, then you may only want to get yourself some small sized towelettes since it would be a waste of money and tanning solution if you were to buy a big towelette but only apply it on a limited portion of your body.

Dead Skin Removal/Exfoliate/Dry Yourself

Use a ped egg or any similar tool that can help remove the dead skins on your knees, legs and or elbows. Also make sure that you exfoliate your skin while you are taking a bath before you start using the towellete. In addition to this, apply a light coat of moisturizer on areas that you exfoliated to keep the skin healthy and to ready it for the towelette. Once you are finished taking a shower, make sure that you completely dry yourself because once you start using a tanning towelette and there is a portion on your body that is not completely dry then you may end up having streaks or the tanning may not go evenly.

Preparation and Application

Before you use the towelette, put on a pair of plastic rubber gloves. This will keep your hands from getting any stains from the product. Carefully open the self-tanning towelette packet and pull out the towel and then unfold it without tearing it. When applying the towelette, make sure that every inch of the body part you want tanned is evenly coated. Refrain from applying too much pressure or applying too much tan on the knees, ankles, and the elbows since the skin on those areas are thicker and absorb more of the product. With this in mind, try applying a light touch on those areas and then remove one glove at a time in case you need to apply the product using another hand.

Tanning towelettes are as reliable as other tanning products out there and is also easy to use. Knowing how to properly apply them is sure to guarantee you satisfactory results.


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