How to Ensure Even Self Tanning for Your Face and Body

Tanning is already an appealing approach to be more beautiful. With so many methods to uplift one’s look, tanning has still kept its place as one of the most sought after approach to a makeover. Unfortunately, recent years have brought flak on sunbathing and indoor tanning. This is due to the rise of skin cancer in the community due to the absorption of UV rays to our body. Copious amounts of radiation can significantly raise the chances of getting skin cancer. It’s due to the rise of tanning that brought melanoma, a very aggressive form of skin cancer, to be amongst the commonly found cancers around the world.

Self tanning is a very tedious approach to get one’s tan. It’s actually discouraged a lot of promising individuals due to how tricky it can be to a newbie. One of the common mishaps is an uneven tone. With the process of applying the tanner to one’s skin, getting the tone right on your body can only be done in due time. Another method would be to ask for help from a friend. But if you’re doing it by yourself, you’ll want to follow these tips to ensure that your self tanning is evenly applied to your body and your face:

– Choose an appropriate self tanner that works with your skin type. If you are someone who has very sensitive skin, you must be acutely aware of the tanner you are using. The method of application also determines how it should be used. If you’re always on the go, towelettes will work but if you have time to spare, use a spray tanner.

– Exfoliate your skin before doing any self tanning. This means exfoliating your face and your body. Clearing off the layer of dead skin cells and grime can pave way to youthful skin which self tanners can easily adhere to. A new palette to work on can definitely make your self tanning a breeze while also making it last longer.

– Start from the bottom. This lessens the chances of streaking. You’re able to slowly build the tan up along your body. Additionally, this avoids the chances of your skin folding which can damage and ruin a good tan. Thus always start with your feet and go up from there.

– Slowly dab the tan on your skin until you get the desired shade. Make sure to have a mirror ready to avoid making either part of your body darker than the other. You can use a spray tan to apply the tanner as well; this method lessens the room for error.