How to Exfoliate Your Skin with a Loofah

Woman washing her body shower gel.For some of you who don’t know the term exfoliation, it is the process wherein the dead skin cells are removed from the skin’s outermost surface.
This is usually done by undergoing skin related treatments like facials, chemical peels, and medical spas. The best way to do it, and also a cheaper way, is to exfoliate your skin using a loofah. Loofahs are made from fibrous materials found in some species of plants. Loofahs have a spongy texture making it perfect for exfoliating your skin because it gently and smoothly slides through your skin. Here are some easy steps on how to use a loofah.

Step 1: Obtain your personal loofah

You have to acquire your own loofah first before you get to any exfoliating of your skin. Loofahs can be bought in most stores where they sell body care products and accessories. You will encounter a lot of different loofahs once you get to those stores and it’s up to you what size and shape you will use. For the best results, try buying those that are rough and hard, made from plants, which are definitely better for the skin.

Step 2: Get your loofah wet

Once you have your desired loofah and you decided to use it in the shower, try to soak it in warm water if you want the loofah to be soft. If you want to retain some of its roughness, then wet it slightly so that it will not to be too soft.

Step 3: Apply soap to the loofah and scrub your body with it

It’s as simple as taking a normal shower and applying soap to your body. You just add the soap to your loofah and start scrubbing your entire body. During this process, you’ll easily get rid of the dead skin cells from the outer skin and at the same time, the scrubbing will help you relax and enjoy a simple shower.

Step 4: Rinse your body

After scrubbing your entire body with the loofah, simply rinse out the soap off your body and it will as well remove the dead skin cells. Rinse the soap on your loofah too while you’re at it. After you’re done, hang your loofah somewhere in your bathroom to dry and be ready to use it again later on.

It’s very easy to use a loofah for exfoliating your skin. Do not forget to replace it every three months because with time it accumulates germs which make it lose its roughness and its shape.

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