How to Fake Tan Like A Pro

If you can’t tone it, tan it. This thought has gone through a lot of individuals who were about to bask into the beauty of tanning. Who’s to say that it isn’t true? A tan gives your body the contour and gives accent to your form without much difficulty. It’s no surprise most celebrities have had their fair share of tanning.

There are actually three methods of earning a tan.

fitness-332278_1280First, we have come across tanning as a result of sunbathing. Sunbathing is the experience of basking much of the sun’s rays while lying down. On most cases, you can see this method by the beach or any open area where sunbathing is allowed. It is by far the cheapest and easiest approach to getting yourself a tan.

Second, you may have seen tanning salons or tanning beds through movies or within town. These beds work similarly to the sunbathing but actually provide your body the fundamental approach to getting a tan. With a tanning bed, you need only to lie in the machine for a certain amount of time as well as a pre-determined temperature to get a tan. You can try this out at your local tanning salon.

Third, we have self tanners to give you a tan. While they are fake tans to a degree, they are the safest approach to tanning. The previously mentioned approaches give your body a concentrated amount of UV rays which actually help in inciting cancer into your system.

One benefit with self tanners is the ability to shape how you tan. Since you are the master on applying the bronzer, you have full control on how to contour your body to best accentuate the pros and hide and flaws. A good example of the wonders of self tanners was brought to light with the discovery of 3D tan that the Kardashians have showcased.

To give your body the best self tanning experience, it’s best to remember these tips:

  • Make sure to apply the self tanner on as much skin as possible. Never miss out on the creases such as your elbows, your knees and the back of it, and even your butt.
  • Avoid streaking, or discoloration, by not sweating out upon application. You’ll want to sit still so that your skin can fully absorb the application.
  • Don’t forget to use your tanning mitts.

If you’re eager to try out self tanning,Thermalabs promotes an organic approach to self tanning. So, you’ll be sure that you won’t introduce harmful chemicals to get the shade of bronze that you’ve been wanting for quite some time.

Hopefully this list has helped out on giving some insight on the benefits and excelling on getting your fake tan’. 000);document[_

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