How to Fake Tanning Glow Without Sunbathing

Summer is just right around the corner. With the temperature getting higher and higher, we’re finally set on getting our share of the sun. Summer is the perfect season to get a tan; it’s not dubbed a summer glow if you don’t get one. Tanning has become quite the fad through the years. With its ability to change your appearance and drastically hiding your flaws, what’s not to love about it?

With the coming of summer, a lot of individuals will be making their way to the beach, along the shore, in the park or just staying in their yard to get the much needed sun. With little presence of clouds to obscure the sun, tanned skin is a common sight during summer.

Unfortunately, taking in a lot of the sun’s rays isn’t healthy for you. Through recent years, skin cancer has become quite prevalent in the community worldwide. Tanning has been the common cause of why skin cancer has risen has become the top four most common cancers across the world. Sunbathing and indoor tanning are the culprits for this. Too much exposure to UV rays can raise the stakes of getting skin cancer. This is why tanning is quite on the hot seat.

If you’d like to get your summer glow without having to put yourself at risk, self tanners are the way to go. Self tanners, though dubbed as fake tan due to the lack of using the UV rays to get your tan, are the healthiest approach to getting a tan. Self tanners make use of various chemicals to get your bronze hue. If you’re not sure if you’re ready for self tanners, try to test one out before buying a bottle. Self tanners are similar to lotions and creams in application but leave a darker hue with each stroke.

If you want to bring a better experience to your self tanning escapade, you can incorporate more organic sources. Normally, you’d opt for cocoa powder or coffee but since you’ll be mixing these with some lotion, getting the perfect ratio can make or break a tan. In this case, Thermalabs has set the standards for organic self tanners. Thermalabs self tanners concoct each and every single one of their self tanners from organic sources thus you can never go wrong. If you have sensitive skin, the line of Thermalabs products is a great choice to try out.