How to Find the Best Dress for Tanned Skin

Trying to find the perfect dress has to be one of women’s biggest hurdle in life. There’s a lot to consider, the color, the style, the fit, and many more. No matter how many dresses there can be, women still have a hard time trying to pick which one is best. This is all the more constrained when one has tanned skin.

Not everyone with tanned skin can rock a look, it can be a hit or miss which can greatly affect how the event or day goes by. To be able to understand the look to go for when finding the right dress, here are some tips to consider:

  • Try to consider what tone your tan is. There are warm and cool tones. If you made use of self-tanners, trying to set your tone is easier than those who sun tanned or got their skin through indoor tanning. By using self-tanners, you can control the saturation of the tan thus also manage the color palette of the clothing you can wear.
  • Did you try to contour your body using a self-tanner? If you did, this means more options for showing certain parts of your body with ease. Self-tanners give you the confidence of sculpting or hiding your flaws with ease. Dresses with a more sultry approach as well as being able to showcase some skin can work out for you.
  • For the color scheme, this is where the undertone works to choosing the perfect dress. Warm undertones tend to choose colder colors such as blue and the like. You can also rely on neutral colors such as gray. These colors help balance the warm color of your skin. On the opposite of the spectrum, it is also true. Many individuals who have a cool undertone tend to go for the fiery colors that are quite eye-catching at any event.
  • If you’re not into such a color wheel, you can go for pastel colors. Softer shades of the ones that were mentioned. Despite the softer appeal of these colors, it’s still important to follow the spectrum of what color you can don with regards to your undertone. Try to go for pink, or off-white as opposed to the strong shades of pink or white.

Remember, you want to go for colors that are pleasing to the eyes if you have the pastel theme in mind.