How to Find The Best Self Tanning Gifts

The holidays are right around the corner and there’s a lot of things to accomplish before we get to the month for gift giving. While there’s a lot of sales to anticipate, there’s also a lot of individuals to compete with for these items put on discount. While we can debate on which one is the more affordable item, the starting point is trying to pinpoint which one would make a good gift for your friend.

Normally, tanning is done through sunbathing but with the absence of the sun on the chilly months as well as the sheer crazy thought of baring yourself to the cold winds, that’s out of the question. Indoor tanning may pose a good idea, but it can take some time to get to your tanning salon and hefty on the wallet as well. This is where self-tanning is a sound idea since you can do it in the comfort of your home or your friend’s.

Moving on, here are some gifts you’d want to give for your self-tanning addict of a friend:

– An extra supply of their favorite self-tanner. You can’t go wrong with this one. Getting a spare of their self-tanner is going to help them out in the long run. You never know when they might run out of self-tanner. It’d be a shame to run out in the middle of a self-tanning session. You can also lessen the stress and trouble of securing another bottle of tanning lotion. Or you can also introduce a healthier self-tanning product such as a self-tanner that was crafted from organic ingredients.

– Supplementary self-tanning items such as tanning mitts, an extra set of foam for their self-tanning back applicator, or a spare airbrush. While these may sound a little niche, these items can help your friend out if they are self-tanning. Tanning mitts can wear down through each use and even retain some of the tanning lotions if they have been used multiple times or are not cleaned as thoroughly. Spare foam or refills for back applicator foams are good. One good thing about these forms is that they aren’t sold on every wall. Since back applicators are limited to a few brands that offer them, getting refills or back applicators can be quite difficult. Save your friend the extra trouble by gifting them some. Airbrush is a great way to apply a tan. Spray tanning is prized as a very reliable method of self-tanning since it can save a lot of self-tanner while also providing a great finish.