How to Fix Common Self Tanning Mistake

, When one thinks of tanning, you can’t picture anything unusual or as simple as sunbathing. That’s the common idea of getting tanned skin. If you’re not one who wants to get into tanning by lying down for hours on end under the sun, indoor tanning might be your taste. This can’t be good for those who aren’t into confined spaces, as most indoor tanning works with a really claustrophobic tanning bed. However, these two methods have become quite hazardous through the years.

If you didn’t know, exposing yourself to too much UV radiation, from the sun or from the tanning beds, can lead to a lot of harm. Some of the common effects of too much exposure can be premature aging, sunburn, or worst, skin cancer. Skin cancer has definitely risen to be one of the most common and deadliest cancer on the book. It’s due to melanoma; a very aggressive form of skin cancer that this disease has shook the tanning community.

Thus self tanning, a form of tanning in the absence of the sun by using chemicals, is a much healthier option. But since self tanners are applied to the skin, a newbie can get a lot of things wrong or can end up with a bad tan. In order to sort this out, here are some tips to consider sporting a bad tan:

– Exfoliate beforehand. Exfoliating one’s skin prevents uneven skin tone after tanning. You want to get rid of dead skin cells while also promoting the presence of younger skin. You also want to avoid having uneven skin since impurities can pile on the outermost layer without us really knowing.

– If you do happen to get some self tanning mishaps, make use of a little bit of lemon juice to lighten the spot and dab the tanner back gently. Lemon juice can help lighten a spot and doesn’t ruin the overall tan. You can use a cotton swab for a much directed approach to removing a self tanning mistake.

– Have a friend help you out when doing self tanning. This is especially important when applying self tanner in hard to reach areas. While a back applicator can help you out if you do your self tanning alone. Having another set of eyes can be much helpful.

– Try to build up your tone instead of immediately putting a strong shade of the self tanner. This can avoid streaking which can be a pain the neck to remove.