How To Get A Sun-Kissed Look For Less

Getting tanned these days no longer require you to spend a fortune just so you could get a reservation in a beach resort and bathe under the sun’s rays. No longer do you also need to go driving around the neighborhood to your local tanning salon just so you can get bronzed in preparation for an upcoming event. Countless self tanners have grown into popularity nowadays which can range from lotions, foams, sprays as well as towelletes which all contain dihydroxyacetone, the main ingredient of these tanning products. It is derived from sugar and reacts with dead skin cells causing the skin’s surface to develop that bronze color. In addition to this, these products have the same timeframe as to when the skin will become tanned the same as with tanning the body in tanning salons. So how else can you get the most out of your money in terms of getting that tanned appearance? Reading and tanning at the beach

  • Instant Tanning versus Gradual Tanning: When shopping for self tannersyou have to consider how soon you need to get tanned. If you want a product that gives you instant results then you are better off with instant self tanners as oppose to gradual self tanners. Gradual self tanning products have a lower amount of dihydroxyacetone hence these products do not give that bronze skin right away and at the same time, they give subtle tanned appearances. These gradual self tanning products are often preferred by fair-skinned individuals and those who are new to tanning. On the other hand, for those who want to dive into tanning, then the usual tanning product is the best choice for them.
  • Works with a Moisturizer: One effective way to save more money is to go for tanners that work well with moisturizers or to go for tanning products that have a longer tanning effect. There are also tanning products out there that offer a better scent which works for those people who are particular about the scent of their tanning products. There are also brands out there that offer complimentary moisturizers along with their tanning products which give you more opportunity to save money.
  • Practice Habits That Extend the Lifespan of Your Tan: If you have plans to get tanned in a week or so, a good practice is by applying lotion preferably one without alcohol content, throughout your body. Keep in mind that hydrated skin keeps it healthy and can help lengthen the lifespan of tan. Also make sure that you always exfoliate before you tan yourself so you can get rid of dead skin cells that can potentially ruin your tan when they start to flake off.

These are reliable ways to save money while at the same time being able to achieve your goal of getting tanned.