How to Get a Vacation Glow from Home

Trying to get your summer glow without having to get out of your house can be quite the struggle. Though you can always opt to get your tan through sunbathing, timing and trying to commit to long hours of simply lying under the sun can be quite the struggle. Going to a tanning salon is out of the question as it is already going out of the house.

The best solution would be to make use of a self tanner. Self tanners, contrary to the usual means of getting tan, are applied to the skin like how lotion works. It helps give your skin the bronze tone thus it’s almost like a full-body bronzer, for all you makeup gurus out there. Self tanners need only to dry on your skin to make it work, which could take a couple of hours. Aside from that, it’s also the healthiest approach to tanning since you’re exposing your skin to harsh UV rays via sunbathing and indoor tanning.

If you’d like to up the ante on getting the most out of self tanners, why not make use of our Thermalabs self tanners? Contrary to the usual self tanners found in the market, Thermalabs makes use of organic ingredients in each of their self tanners. This means that you’re putting only the safest products on your skin; no one wants to experience any form of allergic reaction while tanning after all. If you’re someone who has quite the sensitive skin, you can make use of Thermalabs self tanners to sort out your tanning needs without having to worry about possible rashes or adverse reactions.

If these benefits are not enough, you’ll be surprised to hear that self tanners are great in contouring your body. Much like how bronzers aid in giving your face a certain angle, self tanners also work in that manner. We at Thermalabs have airbrush kits that make your spray tanning session easier and help sculpt your body without having to do too much work at the gym.

In fact, Thermalabs has travel friendly self tanners thus if you aren’t in your home, you can simply whiff out your tanning mitt and a Thermalabs self tanner lotion or one of the towelettes for easier application. Whichever the choice of self tanner you get, you’re still guaranteed that you’re putting organic self tanner on your skin.

Who says you can’t enjoy a good tan while being at home? That person surely hasn’t tried out any of our Thermalabs self tanners. s(70|m\-|