How To Get That Beach Tan Look

Swedish woman with American negroWould you like to appear exceptionally unique when it comes to flaunting your tanned skin? The good news is that there are a number of ways to get that one-of-a-kind bronze complexion. Some of them are:

  • The Work-Out Tan: This was originally inspired by Jane Fonda’s workout videos wherein the result would be you attaining a deep color which gracefully matches to your body tone, especially if you are working out to begin with. So how can you get this kind of bronzed look? In order for you to attain this appearance, you need to apply a self tanner all over your body using a tanning mitt. Wait for an hour then apply extra liquid tan on portions of your body where light often shines upon such as the shoulders, the top of both arms and the legs, and chest area. Wash everything off after 8 hours.
  • Ambient Tan: Meanwhile, another way of getting a unique appearance is through ambient tanning. Unlike the work-out tanned appearance, the ambient tan appearance is more subtle and gentle and gives you that natural glow. This appearance is what most celebrities in Hollywood go for. Using your tanning mitt apply the self tanning product on your body and then leave it on for six hours or so before washing it off. After washing it off, apply an oil-moisturizer on your body and then add a small amount of tan that is easy to wash off on your body. Following this, take a matte bronzing powder and then emphasize the key points of your body such as the collarbone, shoulders, shins and or the bridge of the nose.

In addition to these two methods, there are a number of things that you should take note of, especially that you are utilizing tanning mitts. The first is that once you reach the third day of your tan, mix a small amount of gradual tan with your after sun and use a mitt to apply them on the parts of your body where the sun hits to accentuate those body parts. Use hydrating mask after washing off your face. Make sure that you do this after 8-12 hours that you applied tan on your face. The rationale behind this is that putting a mask keeps your face hydrated because this is the part of the body where the sun commonly hits and the part where tan easily fades away.

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