How to Have a Glowing Skin During the Holiday Rush

From summer to autumn to winter, it’s certainly a big leap when it comes to temperature. Summer did turn things up by a notch and it’s not surprising that it makes a big change when autumn comes in. While the previous season was already chilly enough, winter’s decked out with even lower temperatures that not only spell as a hazard for your body but could actually deal a lot of damage to your skin.

Taking care of your skin during these cold months can be quite an effort. What’s more is that you’re probably pulled in by the topsy-turvy ride of the holidays. With so many things to accomplish and so many events to get into, just when can we really take care of our skin during this hectic season?

First of all, skin care begins the moment you wake up. Contrary to what most people think about applying the necessary applications at night, you need an overall skin care regimen from morning to night to keep your skin in tip top condition.

Since its much colder outside, you’ll have to be keen on putting on some moisturizer. The cold temperature causes the moisture on your skin to disperse, leaving it dry and brittle.

When you’re on the go, you’ll want to get some highlighting press powder. Even if you’re clothed from top to bottom to ward off the cold, putting some makeup can definitely lighten up your features thus adding a better glow to your appearance.

If you’re one of the individuals who are a little sad since they can no longer enjoy some tanning sessions under the sun, fear not. You’ll want to try out self tanners for this season, and for any season since tanning via sunbathing and tanning beds have been proven to cause skin cancer. A good start on self tanning would be using one of the Thermalabs self tanner. Despite not using the sun as a means to color your skin, self tanners have been proven to make use of various chemicals in helping you achieve that color. If you’re a little iffy on trying out an odd approach to tanning and unsure about what you’re going to put on your skin, you can rest assured with Thermalabs self tanners since their line up of tanning tools use organic materials.

Despite the constant push and pull in malls and shopping areas, don’t let such trivial things stop you from looking your best during the holidays.
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